About Us

"Our focus is towards delivering quality and cost effective office furniture solutions"

Aurora Office Furniture has been operating in the Canberra region since 1993. We are a dynamic family owned business, where we focus our attention towards delivering quality and cost effective office furniture solutions, suiting our customer’s individual requirements. We deliver these on time and to our quality standards. At our showroom and warehouses in Queanbeyan we display and stock a large range of office furniture, we also distribute our furniture from this location.

Our products are made by both Australia wide and overseas manufacturing companies, bringing to you highly competitive pricing. All products come with warranty and accreditation where applicable and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

We are now a team with high level industry knowledge which has been passed down the generations and as a company we are passionate about the furniture we supply to organisations. Today we are continuing to develop our product range and services in order to be a reliable, innovative leader in the commercial furniture industry.


4 Reasons to Buy from Aurora Office Furniture

  1. Competitive Quality Products
  2. Accessible Service Support
  3. Ease of Doing Business
  4. Expertise (Knowledgeable Salespeople)