You’re already done with market research, financing and solidifying your business idea. Now it’s time to choose a location and initially plan the place where you’ll run your business. First things first. Let’s start with the general location and a few important ideas so you’ll know immediately if a particular site is right for your business (or if you require a separate business premise at all). For example, if you plan to have a small online business or you&rsqu..
You might be spending at least eight hours each day in your workplace. Are you productive during all those hours? Does the workplace inspire you to come up with fresh innovative ideas and deliver excellent results? If your answer is no, then perhaps it’s time to do something about your workplace. It can be as simple as rearranging the desks and chairs. Or, it can also be as major as replacing all the office furniture with sophisticated ergonomic ones. In either case, changes should be i..
How the workplace looks and feels like has a huge impact on employee productivity and happiness. That’s why many CEOs and managers are willing to invest more in making the office the perfect place for the whole staff. They are also willing to invest more when they realise that the workplace needs an upgrade. Perhaps the business drastically grew these past years or the workplace just requires a new refreshing look. Whichever is the case, take note that the working environment affects pe..
It’s true that if you have the right people, your business or department will succeed. It’s also true that if you have a positive work environment, you will attract and nurture the right kind of people. After all, our environment (especially our workplace) affects us more than we realise. Have you heard about the Broken Windows Theory wherein the presence of broken windows often signify or attract disorder? It’s an excellent example about the effect of the environment on peo..
The ideal office environment should best reflect the company’s core values. In addition, the office environment should contribute to the staff’s productivity and creation of innovative ideas. To accomplish this, business managers pay extra attention on designing the ideal office. After all, most of the staff will spend at least 8 hours a day in the workplace. It’s recommended that it inspires everyone and sets the right direction for the company. Great examples from corpo..
The office design may have a huge impact on the startup’s culture and long-term future. That’s because the workplace contributes to the staff’s perception of excellence and drive for productivity and innovation. How and why? A professional and vibrant environment would prime most people to deliver excellent work. This is crucial especially in startups wherein the early results could dictate their later successes. That’s why here are a few office design ideas for sta..
Are you a project manager, government buyer or business purchaser? Do you want to learn how to make significant cost savings when purchasing office furniture for your company or department? Here in this short article we’ll briefly discuss proven tips to help you accomplish that. Let’s start. 1. Start with space optimisation & office consultation This is to determine which furniture pieces and the required quantities of each. Many purchasers make the mistake of buying exc..
Looking for furniture for small businesses? Whether you’re a project manager or business purchaser, the furniture you select will have a huge impact on the office appearance and employee productivity. For example, a set of ergonomic tables and chairs will make the staff feel comfortable and stay productive throughout the day. In addition, modern office furniture will give the workplace a professional and sophisticated feel. How to choose small business furniture First, economy of ..
Corner workstations for business offices are ideal for employees who need blocks of time for concentration (e.g. writing, graphic designing, video editing, programming). These facilitate better focus and higher productivity for a department. Aside from better focus and getting more things done, corner workstations also help optimise space. Back then the office corners are often idle and unused. But with corner desks and workstations, every square metre of your office will be possibly utilised..
Looking for best office chairs for back support? After all, prolonged sitting can cause back pain whether in short term or in the long run. Also, poor back support can negatively affect productivity and employee performance. That’s why it’s crucial to choose quality office chairs for your department or staff. Take note that they’ll be sitting on those chairs for at least 8 hours a day. This decision alone actually has a huge impact on how your department performs. Feature..
Corner desks for Canberra offices help optimise space, improve workflow and make the office neater (fewer obvious dangling cords at the office). That’s why many small businesses and multinational corporations (even government offices) have these corner desks in their different departments. 1. Optimising space The office corners are untapped opportunities to put more stuff and better organise the workplace. For example, each employee might need a 25 square metres of space to function ..
Looking for a professional Canberra office space optimisation service? Whether it’s a new or established office, you need to optimise the workspace because this leads to better image and productivity. In addition, your business or department will be able to get the most out of the space. Let’s discuss how to accomplish that. We’ll start with defining your staff’s “culture” and then discuss how to ensure each piece and area of your office is optimised. Let&r..
  The way we work is changing and businesses of all sizes are rushing to embrace activity-based working (ABW). By why has ABW become so popular?    Huge cost savings It’s no secret that the millennials are extremely talented and valuable in the workplace but is some of the more difficult to retain. Activity based working offers a casual, flexible and comfortable way of working. This is why employers use ABW as one way of attracting and retaining millennials..
Many Canberra businesses (and even government agencies) now have modern chairs for office work. That’s because their managers understand the need for ergonomic seating for their staff and employees. After all, the chairs actually have a direct impact on the employees’ health and productivity. Each employee spends at least 8 hours in a seating position. If the chair is far from ergonomic, it will have some long-term health effects to the employee (which will in turn affect the empl..
With the development of technology the office space is currently transitioning from a traditional layout to a activity based working layout, it has become more important than ever for designers to focus on personalisation. The way we are working is changing, we are now becoming more flexible and less hierarchy orientated and designers recognise the need for a workplace that is tailored to the actual needs of the people. So let’s have a look at what is changing in the workplace. -Tech..
Whether it’s in the reception area or inside the office, a custom office desk can make the place neater and look more professional. In addition, these desks can improve the staff’s workflow and productivity. Many Canberra managers and business owners also invest more on the things they use every day and for the long-term. These things include computers, office chairs and desks. These everyday things impact the workplace’s image and workflow more than anything else. Why ch..
An ergonomic workstation is known to boost productivity levels. First, it minimises physical strain for office workers. Second, it makes the workflow easier and the momentum faster. Those benefits are enough to convince many Canberra managers to prioritise ergonomics. After all, it affects the daily productivity levels of the whole staff. The results might not be apparent at first. But in the long term, your employees and your department will thank you for it. Ergonomic desks and chairs ..
Implementing Activity Based Working   Ever since the industrial revolution we have grown used to the idea that our private life and professional life are completely different worlds. We became used to the idea that work meant that you need to commute to an office or factory away from home sit at your desk work then return home. The evolution of technology is reversing that, and is having a major impact on the way we work. Now more then ever technology is changing the shape of the offi..
Modern office furniture can actually affect the company culture and the whole staff’s productivity levels. It goes back to the nurture and nature approach. Surely, your employees have a lot of potential. But you can only tap to that potential if the employees have the right tools and the right environment. So, how can office furniture help employees realise their full potential? How it can help build the company culture and perception? Here are 3 things most experienced managers have in..
A sit to stand workstation provides many benefits to offices. It’s a win-win solution because both the staff and the company actually benefits from the setup. Many office employees now are becoming aware of the health effects of sitting too long. Our modern lives have become sedentary and it results to many physical (even mental) conditions that we have to bear for the rest of our lives. That’s why many managers now install standing desks and workstations in their offices. It&r..
The best adjustable standing desk will help you and your staff become healthier. Aside from being popular in many offices in Canberra and NSW, these office desks with adjustable heights will stay here no matter the times. It’s not only a trend. Many people now (especially the office employees) understand the health effects of prolonged sitting. The effects accumulate especially if it’s done every day. Aside from health effects, many offices now have an adjustable standing desk ..
5 Ways to Make 2017 Healthier at Work
How to Make 2017 Healthier at Work By Cameron Young Organizations across the world have an increased desire to improve employee wellbeing. Improving holistic wellbeing in the workplace will lead to a better workday and better work performance. Here are five ways to make this your healthiest year at work. Get on your feet   It’s a positive for your physical wellbeing to get out of your desk chair at frequent intervals throughout the day. Take a walk aroun..
Regardless of its employee count, setting and business profile, any company should implement a series of cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing storage solutions to take its daily operations to a whole new level. The best storage systems available on the market display an optimal balance between form and function and provide numerous benefits. What Should One Expect from Modern Office Storage Options? These days, quality storage options with an ingenious design blend in seamlessly with exi..
A great way for Canberra companies to begin 2017 and ensure it will be a productive year is to invest in new office furniture, in a change of scenery. Trendy office furniture, in neatly organized, well-aired, and well-lit offices, could boost employee productivity, help strengthen company culture, and make a good impression on company clients. But what does trendy mean? 4 Trends in Office Furniture Canberra That Companies Are Expected to Embrace in 2017 1. Pods – Canberra open offic..
Seating: How Office Furniture Impacts Company Culture
Making a First Impression What does a visitor notice first when walking into an office? Usually, the appearance of the room makes a first impression. Good, bad, or otherwise, what the room looks like has the power to impact anyone who comes through the door. Outdated furniture or high-walled cubicles can offer a taste of what has become a prime concern for business owners: company culture. Outsiders notice it, but more importantly, employees want a great one. Increasingly, those intervi..
How to Turn Any Corner into a More Productive Workspace
How to Turn Any Corner into a More Productive Workspace with Our Office Furniture In spite of the fact that they spend more than eight hours a day inside their offices, very few people can actually say that they tap into their full potential every single day at work and are 100% satisfied with their overall performance. Some blame their poor organising skills for their shortcomings, while others choose to take a closer look at their surroundings and realise that the particularities of their ..
How to Choose the Right Front Office Furniture in Canberra
Do you want your business to be more successful? Do you want your clients to take you seriously from the moment they walk into your business? If your answer is yes to these two questions, then you need to give some attention to your reception area. Your reception area design, whether you’re a hotel, a practice, or an office, will send a big message about you. When you’re shopping for office furniture in Canberra for your waiting area, you need pieces that make it look professional..
3 Unique Office Furniture “Must-Haves” in Canberra
Office life is typically associated with a hum-drum atmosphere, but the workstations in Canberra challenge that image every day by providing employees with an assortment of office desk systems and uniquely designed furnishings that smash this stereotype and offer a work environment that is colourful, interesting, and creative. Here are 3 Unique Office Furniture “Must-Haves"! Unusual Selections: Ottomans, “Diamond” Pieces, and Unconventional Office Chairs (“Sl..
6 Ways To Optimise Your Greatest Asset - Your Employees
The individuals you employ and your property location are the biggest expenses in your business. Hence, they are your most important assets. If you, like many successful business operators care and about their assets or want to improve them, it is imperative you optimise your workplace space and culture. Happy Staff Increases Productivity Happy workers are more productive, than those that are dissatisfied and unhappy. It has been suggested that happy workers can be up to 12% more productiv..
Good flow in an office includes a lot of factors: a flexible environment that is intuitive, allows freedom of movement, and includes all of the proper desks, chairs, and equipment. When the office environment works, the whole system, including the people, work better, too. Here is how to achieve the best flow in an office to increase productivity for workstations in Canberra. Arrange Office Furniture in Canberra the Right Way According to Lois Goodell of Inc., modern offices support collab..
Ergonomic Chairs: How to Sit Better At Work
When it comes to productivity at work, a comfortable chair can make all the difference. An employee who is more comfortable at his or her workspace may be more productive during the workday if the office furniture is ergonomic. According to research conducted by experts in workplace safety, ergonomic office chairs can benefit employees by offering solutions such as: Fewer injuries Increased productivity Greater job satisfaction Less Injury When men and women in the workplace..
Redoing Your Office? Balance Will Be the Key To Productivity
A neatly organised and comfortable office is not meant to be simply nice to look at, it can be a powerful factor in your team's productivity. Fortunately, office desk systems in Canberra now go above and beyond the standard cubicle farm. Learn how to take advantage of this trend next time you redecorate your office floor. Inspiring Creativity, Not Distraction Creative workers are money-making workers, as long as they're not stuck in a dull, monochromous space. On the other hand, ex..
Quality and Excellent Customer Service
When you need office desks and other furniture for your business, think Aurora. Our company has been in operation for several years, and we understand that every business has a unique set of requirements. No Company Is the Same Every business has its own mission and its own brand image. Few furniture stores take into account the importance of brand image in terms of the style and layout of the work space. For example you would probably take a double look if the bank used hair dryer station..
4 Ways To Energize Your Workpace!
1. Build Breakout Spaces with vision of creating space for employees to relax on their breaks. There is also opportunity to add vibrant colours which will give your workspace an uplifting feel. 2. Choose Ergonomic Furniture because investing in ergonomic chairs and sit-stand desks will be the greatest investment you’ll ever make in your staff, they’ll feel much more comfortable and happier for it. 3. Clear the Clutter as an untidy office is never inviting. Provide staff with ad..
Furnishing Your Office Space Let Us Take This Task off Your Hand
We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get your office environment right. Creating a professional, positive and welcoming workplace not only helps to create the right impression when clients walk through the door, it also makes an amazing difference to employee morale and overall workforce productivity. The long-term physical consequences of spending all day working with inappropriate or ill-fitting office furniture and equipment have also been widely cited. We have seen many busin..
Calling All Office Managers Start Planning Now for the New Year
With 2016 underway, if you haven’t already - now is the time to consider New Year’s resolutions. Personal resolutions aside, as an office manager your business goals could include making some improvements around the office. January is often a somewhat slow month for many businesses, which means it is the perfect time to install new furniture or make layout changes. Take a look at our new office kit and consider the benefits of investing in attractive office furniture in Canberra. ..
Ergonomic Chairs
Ergonomic Chairs - 15/11/2015
If you have been looking for the ideal seating for your office, it is time to visit us in Canberra for ergonomic chairs.  You see, one of the most common complaints you will get from your employees is the discomfort of their chairs which can result in aching backs and increased sick days. With ergonomic seats you can reduce and possibly eliminate this problem. The Beauty of Ergonomic Chairs Research shows that these chairs are indeed factors in your employee’s productivity. The ..
Aurora Office Furniture are excited to announce successful completion of a furniture refit to the Craig Building at the Australian National University. The refurbishment consisted of the supply and installation of AFRDI approved products including, 51 x Electric Sit n Stand desks, Screens, Soft wiring, Cable management, Task chairs, Visitors chairs, Breakout chairs, Meeting tables, Bookcases, Monitor arms, CPU holders and other associated items. Project management of the refurbishment was s..
Sitting all day at your desk is associated with a range of health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular disease and muscular pains. The benefits of using standing workstations are worth it. Standing at your desk allows natural body movements, continual use of your muscles, aids blood circulation and also helps burn more calories. However, this is not to say that we should all be standing for 8 hours a day! The key is to split your time between standing and sitting, as well as..
Designing and creating a spacious work environment is one way to inspire creativity, effectiveness and personal achievement into you workspace. No matter what size your office is you can still create a sense of space. These are some ideas: Un-clutter – design the space with clever and effective storage facilities. Transparent finishes – Glass screens or glass table tops are small ways that can help let more light in and make a space feel more open. Use natural light – Open those window..
We spend a lot of time at work, that’s why it is so important that all areas in a workplace are vibrate and welcoming. Below are some tips towards create the perfect workspace, 1. Breakout Spaces - This is an important space that separates people from the office noise. The best breakout areas include furniture items such as lounges, ottomans, coffee tables, round tables and chairs. This is a place where your employee’s need to relax and recharge, so make sure you make the environm..