How to Order From us

You can either order online and pay up front or request a quote and pay a deposit, to get the ordering process onto way. Please see below to see the benefits of each.

Benefits from ordering online.

  • You can order when ever you want.
  • It is convenient.
  • Compare products to make sure you have the best product choice.
  • You can budget before you buy.
  • Don't have to wait for a quote.


Benefits of getting a quote.

  • You can order office packages and get better discounts.
  • You can order multiple products in one go.
  • You only have to pay a 40% deposit for order over $2000


Our ordering process if you are after a office fitout. 

Step 1 – Office dimensions

  • All we require is accurate dimensions of you space.
  • Don’t have plans? We can measure your office for free, no obligations. Call 02 6299 4637
  • Got plans? Send them to us, we will ring you to discuss requirements.

Step 2 - Discuss requirements - We will discuss your requirements, products and what ideas that you may need for your office space.

Step 3 - Send quote - From the information gathered we will put our expert knowledge in to action and design an office the best way possible and send you a quote on the best products that we recommend for your situation.

Step 4 - Amend quote - You may need to amend the products, plans or sizes on the quote, we like to do this until it is just the way you like it.

Step 5 - Accept quote - Once you have accepted the quote, we will do a site measure to double check everything so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

Step 6 - Deposit - We will send an invoice for 40% deposit to be paid. Once the deposit is paid we will order the goods.

Step 8 - Schedule installation and delivery - A scheduled date will be worked out in the next couple of days from when the deposit is paid.

Step 9 - Completion - Once job is complete and everything is vacuumed and clean. We will then need a signature for the completion of the job and we will give you the invoice the amount left over to be paid.

Step 10 – Photos - If you are happy we like to take picture of every job for records.