Implementing Activity Based Working

Implementing Activity Based Working


Ever since the industrial revolution we have grown used to the idea that our private life and professional life are completely different worlds. We became used to the idea that work meant that you need to commute to an office or factory away from home sit at your desk work then return home. The evolution of technology is reversing that, and is having a major impact on the way we work. Now more then ever technology is changing the shape of the office that we we are used too. As software can do simple and repetitive tasks, it is our ideas and creativity that has now become more valuable more then ever. 



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Due to this, organisations are becoming more flexible and less hierarchy orientated. They are coming to terms that what is needed is a workplace that is tailored to the actual needs of people and the organisation they work for. That is why Activity Base Working (ABW) has become such a successful office concept.

Activity base working isn't just a trendy looking office or forcing everyone to work from home it is about organising your work in a productive way that works for you and your team members. This is done by creating the best circumstances for each activity, whether it be creating new ideas, collaborating with team members or shutting off distractions. Implementing ABW does have its challenges such as, setting up the physical work place. 



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Having a ABW space means that you will need to have dedicated facilities for specific activities. Companies such as Aurora office furniture that specialise in ABW can be extremely helpful in  helping companies to implement a ABW space. Meeting an expert to get ideas, see other ABW spaces and receive useful advise is vital in the implementation of any ABW space. 


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Another challenge in establishing ABW is to develop an organisational culture built on trust and to get every body on board including managers, committed to this new way of working. It is important to recognise that employees are not always adverse to change and research shows that employees are welcoming to changes that will improve their working lives.

Despite these challenges the benefits are well worth it. 


  • A healthier and more sustainable workplace  


  • More effective and engaged people


  • Better collaboration which in turn will lead to faster problem solving and more satisfied customers 


  • Boost productivity which can save costs 


There is no doubt that ABW is a more progressive and rewarding way of working. With the right help and advise Activity Base working can work for you.