The future of the office space

With the development of technology the office space is currently transitioning from a traditional layout to a activity based working layout, it has become more important than ever for designers to focus on personalisation. The way we are working is changing, we are now becoming more flexible and less hierarchy orientated and designers recognise the need for a workplace that is tailored to the actual needs of the people.

So let’s have a look at what is changing in the workplace.

-Technology: It is now essential that offices embrace the development of technology. Fast and accessible Wi-Fi is a must for any smart workplace, as well as the ability to charge devices and plugin anywhere in the office with ample available power sockets.

-Productivity and well-being: Health and well-being has been recognised by designers as essential to increasing productivity. This can be done by bring the outside in; plants not only improve the overall mood of the workplace it also can help with the air purity. Ergonomic seating and height adjustable desking are also importantly recognised to increasing staff productivity and wellbeing.

sit stand desk

-Private office space: Designers recognise the need for creating the best circumstances for each activity. This includes tasks that need privacy. This can be done with the use of acoustic furniture pods, acoustic screens and quiet rooms.  


-Flexible and adaptable furniture: Designers are constantly looking for products that are flexible in the ever changing office space. Products such as the twist ottomans are popular for their flexibility and are easily adapted to any office space.