3 Compelling Reasons to Choose the Best Adjustable Standing Desk

The best adjustable standing desk will help you and your staff become healthier. Aside from being popular in many offices in Canberra and NSW, these office desks with adjustable heights will stay here no matter the times.

It’s not only a trend. Many people now (especially the office employees) understand the health effects of prolonged sitting. The effects accumulate especially if it’s done every day.

Aside from health effects, many offices now have an adjustable standing desk because of the following reasons:

1. Stimulates the mind

Our bodies are built to move around. Our ancestors are said to walk several miles each day to gather and hunt for food.

Our bodies are built for the conditions thousands of years ago. There are many changes in how we live since then. However, our bodies haven’t been able to keep up.

In addition, our physical and mental functions suffer because of our sedentary lifestyle (including sitting at least 8 hours per day at the office).

A healthy mind goes with a healthy body. When our bodies are in top condition, it’s likely that our minds will always be functioning at its best. Also, the brain is also a physical part just like any other part of our body.

A standing desk (with adjustable height) can help with that. If the office staff only spend half of what they used to sitting, it will yield tremendous results in the long run.

2. Be more productive

Boredom strikes everyone especially while at work. In addition, exhaustion (maybe there’s a lot of overtime last week) also adds to slowing down.

It’s natural. But we can minimise that through an adjustable standing desk. How?

A standing desk can add variation to how employees work. Sitting on the same chair 40 hours a week and for many years can be boring. But a standing desk can take away some of the boring routine.

Standing while working also makes it a bit more casual than sitting. Employees will be more relaxed (and less pressure). The result is that they can actually focus more on the task at hand.

This could result to increase in productivity. There will be more productive hours and the employees will be more relaxed.

3. Make the office environment geared towards employee health and happiness

Most of our waking time we spend at work (even while at home we also think about work). That’s why it’s a good investment to make the office environment as best as possible.

One way to do that is for employees to use the best adjustable standing desk. It’s just a small addition to the office space, but the environment will radically change.

Employees standing while working at the office can suddenly change how people see the workplace. The atmosphere lightens up and everyone will notice the change.

In addition, the staff will feel that their company is caring for their health and happiness. As a result, the office becomes a happy working environment where everyone can give their best.

Best adjustable standing desk

It’s a small upfront investment, but the possible returns will be very long term. Furthermore, it will result to a quick change on your office environment.

So if you need an adjustable standing desk (sit-stand solution) for your workplace, you can contact us today and we’ll provide you with elegant solutions.