2017 Office Furniture Trends

A great way for Canberra companies to begin 2017 and ensure it will be a productive year is to invest in new office furniture, in a change of scenery. Trendy office furniture, in neatly organized, well-aired, and well-lit offices, could boost employee productivity, help strengthen company culture, and make a good impression on company clients. But what does trendy mean?

4 Trends in Office Furniture Canberra That Companies Are Expected to Embrace in 2017

1. Pods – Canberra open offices are an incredible solution to save space and encourage teamwork, the employees working in them have a hard time concentrating due to the noise and numerous distractions. Pods, combined with acoustic panels, are an elegant and flexible open office solution for Australia companies.

2. Shared Storage Spaces – Open offices and small desks designed for work while standing no longer allow for large individual under desk storage spaces. The smarter alternative would be large shared units with small but secure individual storage compartments. Shared printers, faxes, and other office appliances could lie on top of them. Such storage units could also be used as office partitions.

3. Built in Power Sockets – From desk lamps with built-in rechargeable batteries to desks with sockets for powering laptops and other office equipment, any solution that helps eliminate unsightly wires and cables and eliminates tripping hazards will do.

4. Breakout Spaces In Canberra, breakout spaces used to be the first ones sacrificed to gain office space and reduce costs, but trends are against that in 2017. Breakout spaces are here to stay, as company managers are finally realising that, in order to work productively and reach their full potential, all employees need the chance to step away from their desks and interact with their coworkers for a few minutes. If space is a problem, there are foldable tables, flip-top tables and multipurpose tables that can be turned into whiteboards.

Overall, 2017 office furniture trends seem to focus on organisation, space-saving, functionality, simplicity, employee comfort and well-being, teamwork, and chromatic.

For ideas on how to adapt these trends to your office needs and a selection of the best furniture office items in Canberra, contact Aurora Office Furniture!