Redoing Your Office? Balance Will Be the Key To Productivity

Redoing Your Office? Balance Will Be the Key To Productivity

A neatly organised and comfortable office is not meant to be simply nice to look at, it can be a powerful factor in your team's productivity. Fortunately, office desk systems in Canberra now go above and beyond the standard cubicle farm. Learn how to take advantage of this trend next time you redecorate your office floor.

Inspiring Creativity, Not Distraction

Creative workers are money-making workers, as long as they're not stuck in a dull, monochromous space. On the other hand, excess clutter can become a distraction or simply bother your more introverted workers. Colour-coordinated office chairs and warm lights can provide an elegant solution for this.

Combining Privacy with Team Play

A common problem for people looking for office desk systems in Canberra is how far to take the "open office" context. While fostering creativity and team communication, many precise tasks still require the extra bit of privacy provided by screens. There are many alternatives between the fully-open and the oppressively-closed; from high-riser walls to jigsaw layouts, you can now find a tailored solution for your team's personality.

Watching Your Employees' Backs: Ergonomics Save You Money

While it can be tempting to simply place a bulk order of the cheapest office desks systems in Canberra, this can turn into a costly decision later on. Back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and general low satisfaction can be a drain on productivity, as sick days will begin to pile up and the more talented members of the team will look for more sciatica-friendly waters. Height-adjustable desks and back support cushions are an investment, not an expense.


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