Our Services

Free Office Design Planning Consultation

The team at Aurora are keen to come out and measure up your office and provide great advice on furniture to suit your office. We understand that successful workplaces need to support your organisations people, operations and objectives. Based on your project brief, we will streamline your workplace and business goals to implement a design for your employees and clients to effectively collaborate and achieve. Our consultations will include the below:

  1. Quality Product recommendations.
  2. Budget requirements can be discussed to create a package to match.
  3. Colour and style recommendations

Free consultation and office measuring​

Plan drawing and render images - Using a computer program, our sales team are able to plan out a variety of different configurations of furniture in your office space using the correct dimensions. This means your space is utilised as best as possible.

Custom made Furniture - Are you after a piece of furniture to fit within a certain space? Aurora can help. One of the sales team can make a visit and measure up your space so your furniture fits exactly. We are able to design any type of melamine furniture to suit your needs, just ask!

Product Sourcing  - Have you looked everywhere and can't find the product you are after? Ask the team at Aurora and we may be able to source the product for you. Just give us a call on 02 6299 4637.

Assembly and Delivery - The assembly team at Aurora can assemble your furniture to save you time. We have standard fees to deliver to all areas in the Canberra and Queanbeyan area. Delivery Australia wide can also be arranged. Call now! 

Installation - Jobs including furniture such as workstations, screens, and soft wiring are given the option of being installed by our experienced installers.

Rubbish Removal - We remove all rubbish after we have installed a job

Warehouse storage - We have large warehouses and can store your furniture until you are ready to move into your space.

Trial Chairs - The team at Aurora knows how difficult it is to find a chair that suits a variety of people in the workplace. We are happy to trial out chairs to businesses for a couple of days to help you choose.

After Sales Service - We include a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our goods. If the goods are not as ordered, we can provide a refund. Warranty is provided on all goods and servicing of furniture can also be provided.