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Aurora Office Furniture has serviced the Canberra and NSW region since 1993. Our focus is towards delivering quality, commercial & cost effective office chairs, office desks and office furniture solutions on time and to a budget.

Aurora specialises in a wide range of stylish  office furniture. We are located in New South Wales and can service the Canberra region and Australia wide. Not only do we provide office desks including workstations, but office chairs, tables and storage units to suit your needs.  Check out our recent projects to get ideas.

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Latest News
Ergonomic Workstation: Path towards Better Productivity
An ergonomic workstation is known to boost productivity levels. First, it minimises physical strain for office workers. Second, it makes the workflow easier and the momentum faster. Those benefits are enough to convince many Canberra managers to prioritise ergonomics. After all, it affects the daily productivity levels of the whole staff. The re... read more
Implementing Activity Based Working
Implementing Activity Based Working   Ever since the industrial revolution we have grown used to the idea that our private life and professional life are completely different worlds. We became used to the idea that work meant that you need to commute to an office or factory away from home sit at your desk work then return home. The evolu... read more
Modern Office Furniture: How to Build Your Company Culture
Modern office furniture can actually affect the company culture and the whole staff’s productivity levels. It goes back to the nurture and nature approach. Surely, your employees have a lot of potential. But you can only tap to that potential if the employees have the right tools and the right environment. So, how can office furniture help... read more
Sit to Stand Workstation: 3 Health and Workplace Benefits to all
A sit to stand workstation provides many benefits to offices. It’s a win-win solution because both the staff and the company actually benefits from the setup. Many office employees now are becoming aware of the health effects of sitting too long. Our modern lives have become sedentary and it results to many physical (even mental) condition... read more

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